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I've lived my whole life in California, both Nor Cal and So Cal. I'm a student... gah I hate these things. I never really know what to put. I'm very involved in fandom so that's basically what my journal is filled with, barring the occasional rant about real life. Oh and I have a bit of a habit of randomly spamming my f-list with pictures of Jensen Ackles. Just so you know. E-mail me or instant message me anytime. My journal so far is still completely public.

Userpics: I couldn't make an icon to save my life so therefore all the ones you see are created by someone else. Go ahead and take any and all UNLESS it says it's not for sharing.

Friending policy: Go for it! If I know you, I will absolutely friend back. If I don't know you, drop me a line first and THEN I will friend you back.

Current obsession(s): Supernatural/J2, Stargate Atlantis, How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris, Glee
(I'm a bit of a fandom wh0re at the moment)

banner by tv_boyfriends

And these are my boys:

Sam and Dean:
made by kynikey


Jensen and Jared:
Made by nyaubaby


I am an unapologetic wincest and J2 fan.

And I may be totally and completely in love with Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles:
made by annawinchester


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